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Hi, I am Adiwarna Irawan.
I fell in love to photography since when I was in university when it was the film era.
I love photography because I think that photography is like a time machine that can bring us to the moment when the photos were taken and memory that captured on the photos.
I like photography because I can capture important moments in people’s life especially on weddings.
I am happy to see people falling in love, to see the love connection between 2 different persons.
This is what I want to show on the photos I take.
I want to show their romantic moments on their romantic day, and every other moment on their important day.
For me, wedding is one in a life time moment for a person and I am happy to be part of it.
I want to capture every moment happens on that day.
I do it because I fell in love to wedding photography.

Steven & Moon Wedding at Sahita Villa Canggu by Adiwarna

Steven and Moon already like an old friend for me, we are often meet up for discuss about their pre-wedding and their wedding (you can see their pre-wedding photos, from my previous post). I remember when i first meet them for discuss about their wedding day, Moon said “I must be a most beautiful bride […]

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Japan Prewedding | Edwin & Suci By Adiwarna

Both of the couple are love travelling. Edwin and Suci decided to visit two big cities in Japan, Tokyo and Kyoto were chosen as the backdrop for the photoshoots. We goes to the iconic sights of Arashiyama Bamboo grove and Fushimi Inari-Taisha in Kyoto. Walking into the extensive bamboo grove is like entering another world, the […]

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