Passion (n): strong and barely controllable emotion.

Enthusiasm (n): intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

This is how it’s all started. When my passion for photography and enthusiasm in learning more collided, it naturally creates an intense curiosity and somehow has made me survived until today. In my career of being a photographer for 10 years, not once I have felt bored. There’s always something new to explore. Having taken thousands or even millions of wedding photos, I still find it enjoyable and fall deep into the emotions exuded by these people during the wedding. My eyes can’t escape from their motions.

It is therefore such an honor to be able to share what I have felt, what I have gone through in this so-called photography journey to people who have the same interest as I do. Spending time in Sukabumi, West Java with Fellowships was truly a rewarding experience. Seeing these photographers’ enthusiasm in planning and executing this event and great interaction during the event had made me feel genuinely appreciated. No better word can express how grateful I was being part of Fellowship. Thank you all for your warm embrace. Cheers to the future. Keep striving for the best!

Likewise I’d like to thank Nikon Indonesia for supporting this event. Your contribution means a lot for us. Thank you for keeping innovative in helping us making everlasting memories to our clients and the people we value the most. #iamnikon.

Photos taken  by Fellowship members


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