My experience with Naoko and Shige in Japan.

Japan is an amazing country filled with colorful backdrop, cultural scenery and wondrous views. From all the countless amazing locations we decided to pick Jiyūgaoka as our main photo location, with its distinct personality, Jiyūgaoka, became a desirable destination for hip youngsters and fun energetic people. Not too mention unique architectures and colorful environment, this location is the perfect spot for an exquisite photoshoot.

I met with this lovely couple, Naoko and Shige at 1pm in front of jiyugaoka station.
My first impression of them was that they were very cheerful and excited for the photo session.
For our photo experience we tried to go for a more natural style shoots, without any exaggerated poses or forced smiles. We utilized every nooks and corners to get that urban style shoot yet captivating and focusing more towards their delightful personalities. During the shoot session we would found a good spot and let their charms do the work.

Overall this has been a very amazing experience, Naoko and Shige were very easy to work with, with their cheerful demeanor and casual style, I managed to let their personalities came through my lens.

Mario JR

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