The wedding was located at the Semara Villa, in Uluwatu. The villa is one of the most popular wedding venues in Bali. There is at least one wedding every week held at this villa. The view of the ocean is the main view that attracts couples to have wedding at Semara Villa, Uluwatu. I was sure that this also attracted Jen and Ren to have their wedding there.
Jane is a shy woman. We had to joke and made approach to make her smile and pose for us. Ren seems to love Jen so much. I could see from his eyes and how he treats Jen.
It was a nice simple wedding with great venue, nice people and great weather. The sun shined so bright. I was glad it did not rain.
It was a happy day. I saw a lot of smiles that made me smile as well. It was a fun wedding. Everybody seemed had fun. On the wedding party, everybody danced and laughed. What a beautiful moment to end the evening.
I really had fun. This was one of my favorite wedding photo shoot session in this year. I hope to have more next year.


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