Pham family session by Gusde

It was a relaxed day, my rare day off when I decided to clean up some files on my MacBook. By coincidence I found Thiery and Andien wedding photos folder. My memory flashed back to the day where their wedding was held in Swiss back in 2013. I was their photographer, having the privilege to travel miles away to capture their very special moment. Such a great journey, not only Swiss, we also traveled to France and Italy.
My fingers instantly followed my feeling to open the folder where one by one of that important moment sliding through, suddenly I wanted to contact them. I went through their Facebook page and saw they have a cute baby boy. My god, how time flies and I miss them. Without further due, I messaged them and told them how much I wanted to see them especially their baby boy. I instantly offered them to make family portrait, a reunion which they can bring back home and timeless.
So there it went, we set up the plan together with their makeup artist of their wedding too. Such a great reunion it turned out.
I was delighted to capture their family portrait, how happy they played with their son. Family is essential. Personally I like capturing my family activities as those moments are irreplaceable and photos make them timeless. And I know Thiery and Andien are not the type of persons who bring camera everywhere, so I gladly do it for them. It’s apparently their first family photos too, it makes me even happier that I could give these to them.
Time can’t be turned back, moments can’t be repeated but they can be memorized vividly in photos. I am the happiest friend to be able to give these memories to them.
– Gusde –


April 29, 2017 - 7:31 am

Joni Kok - Hello there,

We are two families Travelling to Bali in may and was hoping to take some family shots. We are looking to do some simple shots, possibly an hour a family as our young kids probably can’t take longer. We will be in Bali from 12-16 may.

Grateful if you could let us know your availability and rates?

Joni from singapore

May 1, 2017 - 4:44 am

gusde - Dear Joni, thank you for message us, Yes we`re available on 13th of May. May i have your email please? I will email you our rates.
Thank you

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