Daniel & Nga Pre wedding at Nusa Penida by Gusde

Many moons away, when I started learning about photography, there was this one commercial photographer that inspired many other photographers in Indonesia. So inspiring that I still remember him until now but I realise these recent years I haven’t heard much about him.

So on one fine day, I received whassap from a client enquiring about Nusa  Penida pre-wedding photoshoot. He told me his name is Daniel and we talk about location, preparation including outfit which was organised by our stylist Sasha. Daniel then had a request to use his own camera for the photoshoot. I was like “that’s unusual” but of course being polite I then asked what type of camera as surely I didn’t want to disappoint my client nor sound like a snob one just ignoring his request. Daniel said “medium format”. Again I thought “wow, that’s unusual” but I knew this client must be a professional photographer. I didn’t immediately ask the question but I thought I would when I saw him on the pre wedding shooting day.

On the day of the shooting day, there it was, my curiosity was answered. Daniel is indeed this commercial photographer whom inspired others back in the days. Daniel Santaso is his complete name. Apparently Daniel moved to Vietnam years ago and continued his career there. And there in Vietnam he finally met his soulmate, Nga.

It was a privilege to take his pre wedding photo session.

Thinking back, sometimes we never know how we will end up meeting with someone who inspires us. Likewise we never know how we will meet up our soulmate, he/she can be just meters away or thousand miles away but he/she is for us, waiting just right there.



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