My name is Mario Juanito Reynaldi, you can call me Mario Jr.
I love capturing portraits of humanity.
I believe everyone has a story, and I love telling it through what I do best – photography.
Most people say I’m a quiet person. Well, it’s true. Silence is a gift. I prefer to let them do the talk.
By listening, I get to understand more about them and it translates to a better story for my photograph. Wedding photography is my favourite genre.
A booking is not just a job for us. We always see ourselves as the best man of the wedding.
Because we are always by their side every minute of their special day.


I’ve been actively following all news in regards to Mount Agung, our majestic sacred mountain. Some news somewhat are too frightening and worrying. I keep on asking myself, is it really that necessary to be overly panicking and dramatizing the fact that Mount Agung is bursting its power? Yes there will be impact obviously. People, […]

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