Before becoming a wedding photographer, I did a few photo shoots for some major national and international magazine. Some of them are: Rolling Stone, Elle, FHM, Esquire, Go Girl, Bella Donna and a few others. I liked it but I felt that I did not belong to this kind of photography.
Then on day, a friend of mind asked me to do the photo shoot of his wedding. I really enjoyed doing the photo shoot and I realized that I fell in love with wedding photography.
Marriage is a life time commitment that I think should happen only once. I am a photographer who is married with 2 kids. I know the feeling of being in a wedding. The happiness, the love, the laugh and the new beginning of another life.
This is why I love taking photos of weddings. To see people with smiles of happiness, tears of joy and the whole day just makes me happy. It’s not because of the job, but I am happy to be a part of the weddings.
I have never seen a sad wedding ever in my life. And it should not be. It should be the happiest day of our life.
So, what could I ask more? I do what I love and people love what I do for them. In the future, while looking at their wedding pictures I take and tell the story to their kids, they will remember me. That’s what makes me feel special as a wedding photographer.

Bali wedding | Mikiko & Yuta by Gusde

Mikiko and Yuta is our first client from Japan. I was excited to do the wedding photo shoot because I was curious what kind of wedding theme were they having. Talking about Japan, I wonder, when I will have a client with traditional Japanese wedding in Japan. It would be interesting for me to do […]

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Family portrait in Bali | Sugi`s Family by Gusde

Doing family photo shoot session is always fun, especially working with boys who are very fun and easy to work with, and also who are the same age of my sons. One of my great experiences is with Sugi’s Family. Sugi’s family is an Indonesian family who has been living in Sydney, Australia, for almost […]

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