From the eyes of a dear friend…

I’ve known William for a long time; we’ve both grown up in wedding photography industry. William then decide to steer his career to family portrait photography; new born, maternity and happy family portraits. As always, he succeeds and I am a proud friend.

It was autumn in Japan, such a lovely weather, perfect setting, and amazing ambience. William and Devi, his dear wife and son Max coincidently went to Japan the same time I was there. I was genuinely touched when he asked me to take his family portrait. It was somewhat nerve wrecking. What if he didn’t like my photos? William is such a master in this field, I was worried.

But then I thought to myself, reflected back, I am his friend, I like this family so much, I would just see it from my own eyes, how happy I felt seeing this lovely family. And so I did, I let it flew naturally. I was there, not directing, but talking and chatting to friends whom I know for long. I believe my eyes transfer those feelings to my lens.


Here are the results, genuinely from the heart.

Mario JR



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