The Sanctus Uluwatu Wedding | Ricky & Lala by Adiwarna Irawan

The couple are full of joyful energy, i can see they love each other from the very beginning. I met Isabella and Ricky for the first time at their wedding day, This playful couple decided to get married on the beautiful island, Bali. The Sanctus was their venue of choice. Looking at their photos we can see how funny the door game was. When the tea ceremony the bride look very beautiful with a red gown, nothing could beat the intimacy of that moment. The bride changing into her wedding dress-for the ceremony. After every procession, came  the most awaited moment, Isabella and Ricky’s wedding ceremony, When the wedding ceremony, there was cloudy but Ricky know the sun want to see them do a vows under the blue sky, and then there was. 
The outdoor wedding reception held was so wonderful. Still with her beautiful white dress, makes her look very graceful. Their venue was transformed into an awesome setting with white flowers. It was so lovely to see the guests interact with one another. The bride has a squad called “Kecap manis” the squad who like to eating, they are cares to each other like a family. For the first dance, they are prepared a spesial stage for the guests, that was very powerful dance from the couple’s wedding. Looking from the photos we can see how cheerful they are. Take a look by yourself in every moment, frame by frame, below.
“Bai Tou Xie Lao-may you two grow old together, and be each other’s companion when your hair are white.” 
-adiwarna irawan-



November 10, 2017 - 11:51 am

Fotobox mieten Wien - Nice wedding photography, very nice pictures.

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