Soma House, Bingin Beach Wedding | ASLEY & MATT by Gusde

The Story of Ashley and Matt’s wedding.

Best relationship starts with friendship. That’s what happened to Ashley and Matt, they became best friends right away and felt how special that connection was and wanted to share that for the rest of their lives. The story began…

They chose to get married in Bali because the island has changed their life. Specifically, meeting their friend, Soma. They met her on a plane almost two years before their wedding. They were wearing beautiful mala bead jewelry and she happened to be the one who made them. They were in love with the beads, her story of wanting to spread peace around the world with the jewelry, and her absolute kindness. They wanted to share that with their closest friends and family.

They decided to do the wedding at Soma’s house in Bali and chose bohemian, laid back, and simple theme because they wanted to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day. They wanted the wedding to be stress-free and full of love.

The wedding preparation was a little bit hard because they only communicate by email since they were in Canada. But, they had faith that the wedding would be perfect, so they just let it go. “We had some amazing people in Bali planning our wedding for us. And it turned out perfect!” they said.

On the wedding, I found that their wedding rings are unique, I wondered what was behind that. They found Ashley’s engagement ring in the Turkish Markets in Istanbul. It’s made of coral. Her wedding ring is a piece of turquoise from Bali. They had a beautiful woman in Vancouver engrave mantras onto the bands – her engagement ring says Om Shanti, while the wedding ring has the Sitaram mantra. Matt’s ring is made of Tungsten. Very interesting!

Every wedding has special story, every wedding ring has special meaning. This what always makes me happy to do wedding photo shoot because there is always special story behind everything.

Words from Ashley and Matt:

We’re so grateful that we found one another, and the direction our lives have gone. Meeting Soma, coming to Bali, and sharing that experience with our closest friends and family was a dream come true.

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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