Being a wedding photographer has its own enjoyment. Meeting new people, making friends from other countries and telling stories about their wedding and the wedding venues from our point of view make us feel special.

Chrissy and Kerry is one of couples that have a special story. Chrissy who has Philippines and Spanish blood who speaks some Indonesian and Kerry is a New Zealander came from Australia to tie up their love knot in Bali.

What made the wedding unique is that the wedding dress. Not like usual wedding dress that normally white, Chrissy chose a white wedding dress with colorful patterns, just like her colorful personality. Chrissy is a cheerful person. She wears her smiles all the time. She looked so beautiful on her dress.

The sun shine illuminated the wedding venue that became the background of the ceremony. It made it even more romantic. The happiness, joy and tears reflected how great that day was. The guests, friends and family members enjoyed the day. Chrissy and Kerry was closely enjoy the greatest day in their life with everyone.

After the dinner, Chrissy danced with her father. Her father was a good dancer. They danced gracefully. What a beautiful life scene. It lead to everyone coming down to the dance floor joining the father and daughter. Everybody was having fun. The dancing ended Chrissy’s and Kerry’s wedding day.

The couple looked very happy, also the friends and family. Last but not least, we were happy photographers.

Wedding day is always a happy day!

Mario JR



June 16, 2014 - 2:30 am

Kerry Swatridge - Thank you very much gentlemen,

You where everywhere but not seen, captured the essence of the day. Love the scene work.

Really appreciated that at night you did not use flash, made a huge difference to the guests.

truly professianol

June 16, 2014 - 3:54 am

Chrissy C - Dear Gusde, Mario, Adi and team, aduh… bagus banget! Thank you for your kind words and moreover your stunning photos. We would do it all again a thousand times, and are so grateful that you were a part of our celebration, capturing such beautiful moments. Salam manis, Kris (Chrissy)

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