Flores Wedding | Donny & Angel by Adiwarna Irawan

Doni and Angel is a unique couple. Doni works in an entertainment field while Angel is a billiard athlete. I can imagine how fun their life is. Their wedding was held in Labuan Bajo, a very famous place in Flores where they met at the first time. When I heard that the wedding was going to be held in Flores, I was so excited. What I imaged was a line of small islands on the ocean. And I was right. Flores has a special beauty in its nature. It was my lucky day to have this wedding photo shoot project.

Labuan Bajo, one of a few islands in Flores. Most of the residents work as fishermen, there are also many travel agencies who offer diving tours in Flore. Why? because, Flores has a very beautiful under water scenery. I have proved it on the second day when I was there for the wedding photo shoot. We went for a boat trip to Komodo Island. It was a great experience, unfortunately I did not have underwater camera. But, I enjoyed every moment of it.

The wedding ceremony was taken place at the Plataran, one of many beautiful venues along the beach. I really love their decorations with sailor theme. One of the things I like was their souvenir, a bracelet with ship steer pedant. Everything is designed in sailor theme, very interesting.

The wedding was simple and sacred. Angel looked so beautiful and humble in her wedding dress. Everybody who attended the wedding was smiling. Everybody was happy including my team and me.

After the wedding, the couple brought us for a boat trip to the Rinca Island, one of the places where the Komodo dragons live. We were so lucky that we got a chance to see the very rare species of animal that became one of the icons of Indonesia. Rinca Island is populated by around two thousands Komodo dragons. They live freely in that island.

When we arrived there, the rangers briefed us before exploring the island. There are many other wild animals live in the island other than the komodo dragons. We were divided into two groups, each groups has two rangers to look after us. The rangers said that komodo dragons don’t attack people unless when they are hungry. They have very strong sense of smell about three to four kilometers. When I was there, I got a very rare moment when a Komodo dragon couple was trying to mate. I was so lucky.

I was very happy that I had a chance to witness Doni’s and Angel’s wedding in Flores and also going to see komodo dragons. It was a new experience for me and I want to go there again for many more wedding photo shoots projects. It was a great moment for me because I can work while I also call it as a vacation. Thank you so much for Doni and Angel.

-Adiwarna Irawan-

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