When i was in Jakarta, i received a phone call from a lady who was preparing a wedding for her niece, Maheq and her husband to be, Prashant who lives in New York. Her name is auntie Sharan and she want to arrange a meeting with us. As it happened to be, I was in Jakarta at that time, so I went to meet her and her husband, Sanjay at their house in Jakarta. They are very kind and humble people.

This is my very first Indian Wedding and it’s such a wonderful experience to shoot their exciting-three-days wedding! Prashant and Maheq are very calm and detailed about their wedding days and they surely enjoy their days so much.

Being a wedding photographer is a blessing for me because I got to make new friends from various parts of the world and from there, I can learn about other cultures. These three days essentially is a new adventure for me. Everybody is smiling and laughing while dancing to the upbeat Indian musics, their happiness is surely contagious.
Wedding days are always happy days!

Mario JR

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