I’ve been actively following all news in regards to Mount Agung, our majestic sacred mountain. Some news somewhat are too frightening and worrying. I keep on asking myself, is it really that necessary to be overly panicking and dramatizing the fact that Mount Agung is bursting its power?

Yes there will be impact obviously. People, mainly those living nearby within the affected zone are already evacuated. And as much as possible, their livestock and pets too, it’s ongoing still. Government, civilian, people, private sector, us as their fellow Balinese/Indonesian have offered all we can to keep them safe and comfort. Can we not focus on getting them living their daily life as normal as they could at the evacuated camps? Can we not try to stay calm so psychologically they remain feeling content?

Bali island and majority of its people live from tourism. Can’t we be wise in sharing unnecessary information that will eventually impact our tourism in the long term?

Nonetheless, who am I trying to explain what it is inside my mind to the whole island. All I can say now is, let’s try to keep calm, do our utmost to give hands to our brothers and sisters in East Bali. If we, who live away from the affected zone, can’t keep ourselves calm, what about them? They need our moral support too.

I met an old guy, who is evacuated from his hometown to a nearby unaffected village, a man who happen to experience this force majeure twice. This wise man said “It’s God`s will, nothing to be afraid of. Follow our government instruction, trust in God and we will be fine. Mount Agung is giving its abundant natural wealth to Bali. Stay calm and thanks the God, because him who always protect us, human being.”

If they, who are directly affected, trying to stay calm and positive, trying to live their daily life as normal, why can’t we morally support them in doing so? Think before we share unnecessary thing on social media. Be calm, be wise.

Words by Santi . Photos by Gusde & Mario Jr.

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