Family portrait in Bali | Sugi`s Family by Gusde

Doing family photo shoot session is always fun, especially working with boys who are very fun and easy to work with, and also who are the same age of my sons. One of my great experiences is with Sugi’s Family.

Sugi’s family is an Indonesian family who has been living in Sydney, Australia, for almost 20 years. They came to Bali mainly to do a family photo shoot.

They were staying at Intercontinental Hotel, Jimbaran. Intercontinental Hotel is a 5 star hotel located close to Jimbaran Beach and surrounded with beautiful garden. We use the huge garden space as the first location for the family photo shoot then we moved to the beach.

The photo shooting session took only 4 hours. It was easy to direct this family. Some photos were directed but many of them were candid. We just let the boys played with the sand on the beach and let the parents watching. Then we took photos from that moment.

The boys looked happy and had fun with the photo shooting session because they can play at the same time. I saw their smile all the time.

What makes me happy to do photo shooting session for families is not only about the job, but also I can see myself with my family in them. So I always do my best to take the best photos.


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