Being a wedding photographer for a family is a fun thing , I know Novita when I shot her sister’s wedding, Mira & Stephen (she was the bridesmaid at the time) .Novita choose Padma Hotel Bandung for her wedding venue. This place have a very similar ambience with most of wedding venues in Bali. The first time I knew the wedding would be held in Padma Hotel Bandung , I’m very excited because the venue is very beautiful . We flew to Bandung to cover this wedding and I myself was very satisfied with the result. they really enjoy their day, that perfect lighting , and attractive venue details . And in the end , everyone is happy and we are the luckiest photographers who could be part of their big day .

Mario JR

Wedding Organizer : Pride Organizer  |  Make Up : Happy Make up Artis  |  Venue : Padma Hotel Bandung  |  Decoration : Cosa Project

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