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Hi, I am Adiwarna Irawan.
I fell in love to photography since when I was in university when it was the film era.
I love photography because I think that photography is like a time machine that can bring us to the moment when the photos were taken and memory that captured on the photos.
I like photography because I can capture important moments in people’s life especially on weddings.
I am happy to see people falling in love, to see the love connection between 2 different persons.
This is what I want to show on the photos I take.
I want to show their romantic moments on their romantic day, and every other moment on their important day.
For me, wedding is one in a life time moment for a person and I am happy to be part of it.
I want to capture every moment happens on that day.
I do it because I fell in love to wedding photography.

Wedding Heath & Natalie | by Adiwarna Irawan

Heath and Natalie is one of my most beautiful couple. Natalie is a fashion photographer with impressive works you just can’t not loving it. Their wedding was held in Uluwatu, and I had the chance to do a short photo session the day before their wedding. It was a 2 hours photo session at Karma […]

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