Bambu Indah |Ubud Wedding Zac & Chi-Chi by Adiwarna Irawan

I met Zac and Chi-Chi for the first time two days before their wedding. The wedding was taken place in a beautiful place in Ubud, called Bambu Indah. At the beginning, I did not have any idea at all about the wedding venue since there are not too many couples having their wedding in area like Ubud. Most couple want their wedding to be held at the beach. But, it’s different with Zac and Chi-Chi’s wedding. The explained that the ceremony will be by the river on big rocks. I was a little bit surprised and curious about it. It made me so excited. So I asked them to show me the location. It took around 15 minutes to go down to the river, it was so fun. As we arrived at the venue, I realized that I’ve seen this place before on a blog. And when I was reading the blog, I was wondering if I have a chance to do a wedding photo shoot at this place. The day has come!

Bambu Indah is one of many resorts in Ubud that its building looks more Indonesian architecture style. They have one “panggung minang” a special hut from Minang which is quite big. Most of the villas at the Bambu Indah resorts looks like Indonesian traditional houses. There are a few big bamboo trees that make the resort looks natural. There is a deck with huge rice parries view, small area looks like a small rice field, small bridge, swing that makes this place feels comfortable like in our own house. I really like this place. A perfect place to have a unique wedding.

Zac and Chi-Chi are from the United States. They were very warm and friendly. It is very fun to work with them. Only 50 people attended their wedding. It’s a small wedding ceremony and party, but a very meaningful moment for them. Most of the guest are coming from the States. They are the family and good friends. Unlike the normal wedding that usually very fancy and formal, this wedding was very casual. Chi-Chi had the make-up done in an open space with her close friends. Chi-Chi even did the make up for her mother. This is a rare moment. Usually, brides don’t have time to do this kind of thing since they are very busy with themselves. But not with Chi-Chi.

The ceremony was taken by the river. The river was big and has very string current, you can do water rafting there. They stated their vow on a huge rock while the guests sat one smaller rock around it. What a beautiful scenery. After the wedding ceremony, we continued the wedding photo shoot session around the villas. There are many nice location to take photos at, one of them is the mini rice field. I almost cried looking at the result of the photos. The couple said, there was a magic on my camera. I felt do flattered.

The night felt so short because the wedding was so relax and casual. There was no formal program on the wedding only the ceremony. I was so glad to be a part of Zac and Chi-Chi’s wedding. Thank you guys!

-Adiwarna Irawan-


July 29, 2014 - 2:55 am

Jack Chauvel - Great work, love this wedding. Would love to shoot there!

March 28, 2016 - 12:19 pm

Esra Akgül - Hi

We will be in Bali on Ausgust, 9 until August, 14. And we would like to have some photos with my wedding dress. Could u some informartion about details (prices..etc.)

Thank u for your interesting

November 18, 2016 - 4:53 pm

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December 22, 2016 - 2:39 pm

Jenny - Nice photos! Good job. We booked our wedding ceremony in Bali and after that we gonna move to Gili islands. Can we have a photosession there? Thanks.

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