A note from beautiful bride, Agnes Odelia :

I’ll go straight to the point: choosing Gusde was the best decision for our wedding.

Our initial plan was to hold our wedding in Bali, so I went online, browsing for days, and fell in love when I found Gusde Photography with their photojournalism style. In the end, we decided to do the wedding celebration in Pennsylvania, USA, instead. To make the story short, we couldn’t help but flying Gusde to US. Here’s some points to look at:

1. The management works professionally.
Exchanging mails with vendors were really pain in the *ss. The only vendor who was really responsive and professional was Gusde’s team. So many things to prepare for Gusde’s departure, yet it was all made easy by the team. (Kudos for Agnes’ service)

2. Fun, flexible and (again) professional Gusde
Having Gusde around for days was like having our long-lost brother coming in town. He was never at once be demanding or disrespectful. During our hangout time, he was a friend who was fun, even so polite and caring to our parents. On the e-session and the big day, he was always easy-going and flexible. The process went smoothly, even tho we encountered time limitation caused by NY traffic etc.

3. The pictures turned out great, such an effortless beauty.
The first time we saw the pictures, we felt like we traveled back in time. All the memories PLUS the emotion was all there. We got overwhelmed, smiling ear-to-ear. Gusde was like ‘invisible’ during the day so that we didn’t have to worry posing here and there, yet he managed to capture every moment and emotion. Everybody is still raving about the pictures (until now), how natural and touching the pictures are. It really satisfies us, that all friends and family who didn’t manage to attend the wedding were still be able to feel their presence in our big day.

Since wedding is once in a lifetime event. We were forever thankful it was captured by the right one. Thanks Gusde and team.GDF_2176

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