Tanah Lot is one of the sacred symbols for Hindu people in Bali. The temple is located on the sea. Many people go to this temple to pray or just to see the beauty of it. It is a beautiful thing to monumentalize a wedding moment with the legendary temple as the background. I have got a chance to capture some wedding photos of it.
Adam and Shuting live and work in Singapore, a country where many tall buildings with a very strong city atmosphere. That is why they chose to have their wedding in Bali that is very different from the country where they live. Bali is their favorite place to have vacation, so they chose the right place to start their marriage life.
Our first meeting on the 23rd March 2014 left a great friendly impression that will never be forgotten. Adam is a fun and simple guy while Shuting is a very detail oriented person, what a great couple combination. Everything what we discussed about the wedding was so connected and I could clearly imagine the photos that I could take for their wedding.
Adam and Shuting chose Pan Pacific Nirwana as their wedding venue with the same reason. They want Tanah Lot as the background of their wedding photos to make their one in a life time moment to be more sacred. Besides, Pan Pasific Nirwana has a beautiful wedding venue.
The wedding day was fun, from the preparation to the wedding ceremony. The photos from this blog can describe how the wedding was more than I could tell. Shuting looked stunning on her wedding gown and Adam looked cool. People were very happy to see the bride walking through the altar.
At last, everything goes back to the “trust”. When clients trust the photographer, and vice versa, everything will be easy and everyone will be happy! The couple looked very happy, also the friends and family. Last but not least, we were happy photographers.

Wedding day is always a happy day!

Mario JR


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